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05 November 2012

This old House

 Sadly this old cabin is about to come down and become only a place of memories and faded pictures.
It’s becoming less and less safe and really serves no purpose other than reminiscing.
I need to salvage anything and everything I possibly can for reuse. Although there really isn’t much left – the thieves have looted anything of value.
So many summers were spent enjoying quality time (we didn’t have a TV! The horror) with my family in this simple home. We had a love hate relationship this cabin and I. Some years I loved it and never wanted to leave, other years I couldn't wait to get back to "civilization".
So many great moments were enjoyed as we were forced to entertain ourselves and be each other’s best friends. We had no neighbors, no modern day entertainment, and you know what? It was glorious!
 Thank you mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and Uncle Mel for giving me such an amazing childhood escape! So many stories I could share about this cabin but I would bore everyone but our family!

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