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08 November 2012

Makers Anyone?

I am still catching up on vacation photos from August – sad I know! I posted earlier about Woodford  Reserve and thier gorgeous distillery we visited. Makers Mark Distillery was a close second for beauty and quality.
The tour was great, as were the samples

And I was able to “dip” my own bottle in the signature red wax! It was quite fun.
Sorry about the slightly blurry pics, I think the photographer had too many samples prior to this event….Kidding! We also paid a quick visit to Jim Beam for my grandpa as that is his fav.

Sadly  their distillery was under construction so we didn’t get a full tour and it didn’t quite live up to the beauty of Makers and Woodford.

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Raquel said...

Mmmm Jim Beam, this girl could use a drink right now!