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31 August 2011

Blue Ridge Mountains – Humpback Gap

I was in Virginia about a month ago for a JAG Contracting course. Over the weekend a few of us decided to hike the Blue Ridge Mountain, specifically up to Humpback Gap to check out the amazing view.

The hike was quite treacherous and almost straight up on a wide variety of terrains.

The view at the top was breathtaking!

The boys were quite nervy out on the edge.

However, I was a lil terrified and kept a tight grip on the rock at all times and never venturing too close to the edge.

On the way back we decided to take the “less than 3 mile” less drastic decline route to check out the Appalachian Trail and have a small picnic.

Gorgeous – but 3 miles felt longer than expected due to the constant climb and descent we traversed.

Plus the sky was starting to look frightening…

Of course instead of dropping us near our vehicle as promised this dropped us approximately three miles away.

*you can see the road we ran on in the above picture.
Before we were even a mile in the sky opened up and one of the worst thunder/lightening/rain storms I have ever witnessed was upon us. We started sprinting down the road/mountain towards our car. Waterfalls appeared out of nowhere, the rain was so ferocious it hurt, and you could barely see your hand in front of you. Scary stuff but we laughed and made the best of it. Thankfully about two miles in some good Samaritans picked us up and gave us a ride the final mile.

Don’t we look lovely!! I hid in the back for a reason – mass amounts of rain/white tank top. Such an adventurous day and I would gladly repeat even with the rain.

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paula said...

so all in all you are saying I would never make it ;)