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30 March 2010

Too funny not to share

I have been driving my brother’s truck (Ol Red) the past few days. Anyway it’s old school – as in no remote lock. You actually have to use a key! Shocking I know. Last night I had City Council where I hit the gym between study session and meeting. Drop my gym bag back off at ol Red and was distracted by a possible brawl between some of Council Bluff’s finest youth. I watch and contemplate my next course of action, luckily one party takes the high road and walks away. So I proceed into the meeting. Spend next hour and half or so at meeting (it’s now evening), on the way out realize I don’t have my keys. Perfect. Am assuming I locked them in ol red. I am not even sure if there is a spare – the Mayor gives me a hard time about this situation. Makes me feel even better. I walk out with my grandpa who had come to watch the meeting and lo and behold spot the keys. Turns out I left the keys… in the door. Ooops! Wow, for the entire meeting keys are in the door just screaming please steal me. Either no one was interested in the truck or its contents (should I be offended?) or the proximately (across the street) to the police station kept ol Red safe. Classic moment indeed!

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