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09 March 2010

No wonder my trees are dying….

I spied not one, not two, but SEVEN deer munching away in my backyard. Lovely.(If you enlarge the photo you can see all seven - sorta like Where's Waldo for deer, oh wait is that Deer Hunter?)

Dear Bambi,
Feel free to munch away on the leaves that have fallen to the ground. You may also consume all the weeds your heart desires. However, please quit devouring my newly planted trees – you even ate the evergreens for goodness sakes! It would also be much appreciated if you would not eat my garden this year like you did last year. I will gladly provide you with corn and other goodies to fulfill your dietary needs, but based on your reputation that would only make the problem worse. There is a lovely park up the street - maybe you would have more fun there….

Any ideas on keeping deer out of your yard/plants/trees/garden? I know all about the soap trick and plan to implement it now that I can finally see the ground underneath the snow. But any thoughts on how I can successfully grow a garden with all these deer?

*On a side note I took the photos from my sunroom – looks like I need to clean the windows. Ooops.

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James said...

I highly recommend Deer Off. It’s organic, natural and really effective. Plus, it doesn’t smell once it dries. It’s by far the most effective repellent I’ve used. And since it’s so powerful, I barely have to use it. Label says reapply every 3 months. I’ve had one bottle for an entire season.

Here's the spray I'm talking about: