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29 July 2015

Justin's House Before and After

I figured it would be fun to show some before and after shot's of Justin's house before all the furniture and that is moved in. I will show bathroom and kitchen as well as both those rooms also got a renovation. It truly amazes me what hard work, paint, stain, and a vision can do to transform a space.

I will say the before pictures actually look better than the true room did in person. The floors were pretty banged up, dirty, and gross. The woodwork was a mix of blue, pink, or wallpaper....The walls were dirty and crazy colors. I was in charge of stripping all the woodwork, sanding, painting and staining woodwork, painting ceilings (least favorite job of all), and painting walls. I am obviously a messy painter.... The boys did the hard stuff like tearing down walls, redoing the bathroom, new lights. The floors were hired out. 

The bedroom had horrible wallpaper, like several layers of wallpaper and then paint on top of it. 

 Here it is after wallpaper before we painted and all that.

After with no wallpaper, fresh coat of paint on the windows, refreshed woodwork, new light, and refinished floors.

Realized we forgot to strip paint off the closet door - ooops. Although a good picture to show just how bad the paint/woodwork situation was prior to us starting.

Dinning room before. It was closed off from the kitchen, several shades of pink, to include floral wallpaper on the woodwork.

After. The boys opened up a wall so now the kitchen and dinning room flow together and seem bigger. New light fixture, new window paint, remainder of woodwork was stripped and re stained, refinished floors.

Living room before. A whole lot of blue paint, yucky old light, bad floors.

 After. Fresh new paint, new window paint, rest of woodwork stripped and re stained, new light, and refisnihed floors.

This is a bonus room of sorts right off the living room. I think he is going to use it as a gym as we have a cool old sliding door that can open and close. it must have been an office before as had lots and lots of outlets and more blue paint.

After. No more blue, new paint everywhere, re stained woodwork, new light, and refinished floors.

Hallway before wasn't awful but the floors were in bad shape and all the woodwork was a beige color.

Refinished floors that look amazing, fresh paint (it is more white just bad lighting I think in this picture) and the railing/banister has been stripped and re stained. Clean and fresh.

Obviously there will always be things that can be improved. The ceilings are still textured, a few rooms still need finished, and I keep questioning if we should have stripped the paint of all the windows and stained that woodwork as well. Overall though it looks amazing I think. It's so cute now and truly looks so much nicer than the day he purchased it. Once he moves in art, furniture, rugs it will be even better.

Would love feedback!

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