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04 October 2010

Play Ball?

Me neither. I have ZERO basketball skills and no desire to play basketball. But charity called (Hospice with Heart) so I stepped out of my comfort zone.

Yes, that is me warming up for a lil basketball game. As you can tell from my walk my skills are suspect! LOL.

But my cousin Jay convinced me it would be a fun game and talent was not required.

I entered with a cartwheel (as did another female teammate)

And must admit I had an amazing time. I scored a few baskets but mostly just cheesed it up.

My look seemed to alter from smiling out of fear or a look of sheer terror at the idea of crashing and burning or doing soething equally embarassing.

And was thankful my stunt didn’t turn out like this.

Thanks Harlem Ambassadors for a great night of fun and fundraising for Hospice with Heart! And for once I had a cheer squad instead of being the cheerleader!

More photos here.

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Lissa said...

oh i'm so bad at basketball it's embarassing. No one would even want me on their team.